Driver Fatigue Alarm System

(LS801) Latest Technology on the world!

Advanced Technology-working Theory

LS801 adopted the most advanced non-contact infrared camera to capture human eyelid and retina status,( in general, before entering drowsy driving status, human retina was less and less sensitive to the light outside), analyzes the driver’s fatigue status according to PERCLOS method, and give out voice alarm before the driver falling asleep.LS801 can also detect the driver’s distraction and give out voice reminders to prevent accidents, such as talking with back passengers, adjusting audio, or operating navigator, pick up thing from the ground and so on.

Fatigue Driving Hazards

Driver fatigue is one of the most fatal traffic safety hazards. Every year about 25% (2,000,000 cases)  of accidents were caused by driver fatigue, 190,000 people were injured or killed in those cases. 50% driver commit that he have fatigue driving experience several times in the past 1 year, it’s necessary to have a device to remind them.

Working Progress

• The LS801 will recogonize your face in 10 seconds after powered on(some drivers with glasses or special face, such as scared, wrinkled, will need a little longer), and then find your eyes, locate your retina, if failed to haveyour retina located in 2 seconds(according to the sensitivity you set), the system will be triggered.

• However, the LS801 is very smart, if  you close your eyes in purpose, but in the past serveral seconds, your body have big movement, or speaking, or no fatigue status at all, or driving slowly, the system will give out alarms after 4-7 seconds. If you are driving on the highway, no movement, no speaking, eyelid is lower and lower, or even looking ahead but absently(pupil will turn dark under trance status), the device will give out alarm in 2 seconds.

• Under normal driving status, after 1 alarm, the other need to wait at least 10 seconds to be triggered again.

Driver Fatigue Alarm System

Sensitivity Setting

4 kind of sensitivities enhance the alarm’s accuracy and  reduce wrong noisy.

A. 1,2 both off, testing level, very high sensitivity.
B. 1 on, 2 off, high level, high sensitivity, have a little bit more interval for looking around.
C. 1 off, 2 on, middle level, tend to real sleeping alarm, more interval for looking around.
D. 1,2 both on, low level, only alarm for real sleeping and trance.

All of the 4 level’s fastest alarming time for real sleeping and trance is 2 seconds, the difference is reaction time on looking around and eye closing in sober status.

Volume Setting

LS801 will give our voice “please drive carefully”, “please pay attention to the road”to remind the driver first, if the retina still not be detected, a sharp siren will be given out, there are 4 level of siren volume for different type of vehicle:

A. 3,4  both off, 1st level, loudest sound for truck.
B. 3 on, 4 off, 2nd level, for bus and car.
C. 3 off, 4 on, 3rd level, for car.
D. 3,4 both on, 4th level, no siren sound, only the green light flashing.

Under all senisitivity and volume, the LS801 will  output  fatigue alarm signal to other devices, such as GPS tracking system.


The device was composed by main unit and cigarette plug, connected via USB cable, if your car have USB socket, you can connect to it directly.

1.green light, (indicate the eye open or close)
2.infrared light, (can see red light in the night)
6.360°turning ball
8.cigarette plug
10.Power socket
11.Signal output socket

Driver Fatigue Alarm System


1. Stick the main unit in front of the driver with the twin adhesive, and connect power through cigarette socket or USB  port.

2. PlaceThe device can be installed as the picture showed, within 15°angle between les and middle of 2 eyes  when installed on the right, within 10°angle on the left, with 30 °angle under when installed in front of the dashboard.

3. DistanceUnder normal status, the distance between the lens and face should be within 60-80cm, but if wearing glasses, small eyes, or under strong light, the distance should be about 60-70cm.

4. After the green light on, move your face Up and down about in a small distance, if the green light is still on, that means the installation is good, the system recognizes 30pcs of pictures per second, light twinkle is normal when the eyes are open.

Connect To GPS&GPRS Vehicle Tracking System

It can connect to the GPS&GPRS vehicle tracking system, when there is alarms, It’s signal output line will give out 3.3V high level to the GPS tracker input, then forward to the center, if your existing GPS tracker have input, it’s okay to connect directly.when the monitor center get the fatigue alarms, they can arrangethe tired driver to rest, or change another one, thus to avoid many accidents.

Download Factsheet:
Driver Fatigue.pdf