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Energy Eye

Around the world, electricity usage is one of the highest operating expenses the hospitality industry incurs. By reducing wasted guest room electricity, hotels and motels alike will save 30% to 50% on their electricity costs, increase the life of their HVAC units and most importantly, increase bottom-line profits.

The Energy Eye™ System operates with only three components: Combined, these three components make up the most practical and effective energy management system available for hotel/motel operators facing wasted energy costs.

Energy Eye

HVAC Control Module

Energy Eye

Wireless Passive Infrared
(PIR) people detector

Energy Eye

Wireless Micro Door Sensor

Plug and Play Installation

Instead of requiring a multitude of lengthy wires running under the carpet, through the ceiling, doorframe and out of walls, Energy Eye™ uses advanced wireless technology. This makes installation very simple, requiring no construction or technical labor. The Energy Eye™ System was engineered for the worldwide market and easily adapts to any hotel, regardless of construction or HVAC type.

Installation can easily be accomplished by any qualified hotel staff member between guestroom checkouts thus ensuring guest room availability. All this translates into keeping the Energy Eye™ System's price per room at a truly low cost leading to a quicker return on investment.

Energy Eye

How it all works..

  • The Energy Eye™ System is capable of detecting whether or not a guestroom is occupied through information transmitted to the HVAC Control Module by our Passive Infrared Detector and Micro Door Sensor.
  • When a guestroom is occupied, the Energy Eye™ allows the guest to have full control over all temperature settings.
  • If Energy Eye™ detects an unoccupied guestroom, HVAC operation becomes regulated by our HVAC Control Module, this initiates your energy-savings.
  • Unoccupied guestroom temperatures are pre-determined by hotel/motel management allowing control over wasted electricity usage while still maintaining maximum guestroom comfort levels.


  • Save 30% - 50% on air conditioning and heating costs.
  • Does not compromise guest comfort.
  • Wireless plug-and-play installation regardless of construction type.
  • Eliminate unpopular "energy surcharges" for your customers.
  • Increases HVAC life span by reducing usage.

WASTED Energy Costs

What is wasted energy costing you?
Electricity is the bloodline of an operating hotel or motel; it must be managed with great care like any other controllable expense.

Due to extraneous circumstances, the cost of electricity worldwide has risen drastically in the past few years and will only continue to rise. Everyday around the world guestrooms without energy management systems represent millions of dollars in wasted electricity expense. This phenomenon is based on the simple fact that 60% of the time an occupied room is left unattended along with that room’s HVAC. The Energy Eye™ System allows for the ability to manage wasted electricity costs at your facility leading to lower operating expenses and increased revenue.

Hotel Utility Expenses
On average, 90% of wasted electricity usage comes from the guestroom, which is your property’s most unmanaged resource. Your guestroom’s HVAC system can represent 70% - 90% of that wasted electricity resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

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